The Dirtiest Rentals Ever | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Have you ever wondered how dirty is your rented property, valued on the scale from 1 to 10? Do you want to know how a property which is ranked 10 on the dirt scale looks like? Do you want to learn which are the dirtiest rentals ever, according to a professional end of tenancy cleaning expert? Read on then.

As one of the move out cleaners in London I have cleaned numerous rental properties. Some of them didn’t need much attention, but others took me days to clean them thoroughly. Here is a small part of my worst experience:

  1. Once I was hired to clean a house in Islington, and when I got at the place, I saw a spotless property. I was wondering why they called me, until I got in the living room. There was this terrible odour, but it wasn’t coming from this room, but from the kitchen or bedroom. I couldn’t sense where the source was at first, but I found it in the kitchen later. The tenant who moved out had left a very disgusting surprise to his landlord, a fish in one of the cupboards. It had stayed there for a whole week, and had started staling. There is nothing more disgusting than the stench of rotten fish. I managed to remove it, though, after three hours of hard work.
  2. The worst job I ever had to deal with in my career as a tenancy cleaning specialist was in Clapham. I cleaned a flat there, and the renter had a move out party the previous night. The whole property was covered with vomit and food stains, we gathered 5 bags of garbage without counting the ones with empty bottles and plastic cups, and I won’t even mention the odour that filled up the place. It took my team and me a whole day to bring the original looks of the place back, but we managed the job. The tenant was charged as guilty, though.

I have a lot of other cases of disgustingly dirty properties, but I will tell you about them some other time.