It’s time for a new beginning? Let’s first put an end to the old things

Each end had a beginning. If we are talking about the end of the rent, then in the past we have decided to engage the property and use it for a certain period of time. During this time we have taken care of cleanliness, we have done everything possible to make it cozy and beautiful, tidy. Difficult or not, we just did it because we were most interested in everything being as it should be.

The services of professional cleaners have also been at the forefront, or at least for some people, who prefer the easy way to maintain high hygiene. Whether they don’t have time or why they don’t like to clean – the reason is not important, the results are more important. Specialized end of tenancy cleaning Battersea is an opportunity not to be missed because it is great. With this service, the end will be perfect – both for the landlord and his tenants.

What to do when the end comes

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Of course, here we are talking about the end of the lease, not something else. And when it does, things are clear – it’s time to clean up and then to get the deposit back in full so that to open a new page financially stable. Many tenants make the mistake of not paying attention to the level of cleanliness, which, however, is a prerequisite for a correct end, which is of interest to both parties.

When we pay attention to every detail, including cleanliness, things change, entirely in our favor – now it is much easier for us to get our deposit back, but if we are landlords, to find loyal tenants who will respect the points of the contract. It all sounds very good in words, but what really needs to be done to finish things without any mistakes? There is only one answer – professional end of tenancy cleaning Battersea! How will change the situation? This is how:

  • The procedure is carried out according to very high standards which must be followed;
  • Working hours are flexible and fully tailored to customer needs;
  • The equipment and cleaning materials are provided entirely by the team of professionals and not by the client;
  • Standard cleaning at the end of the rental takes no more than 10 hours, which is a short time compared to the time we will need to improve hygiene ourselves;
  • The best option is about 3 to 6 hours, but only if the degree of contamination is not very high;
  • Carpets, upholstery and mattresses are cleaned in depth, which is almost impossible without the support of the cleaning team;
  • All windows, including hard-to-reach ones, can be well cleaned and polished to a shine;
  • Many kitchen appliances, such as the oven or refrigerator, take a long time to clean, which is the main reason we just don’t do it and hoping no one notices. Professional end of tenancy cleaning Battersea covers this procedure which adds more value to the service;
  • We do not need to be present while the cleaning is going on. Even during our absence, it can take place exactly as we wanted.

The benefits of professional cleaning at the end of the rental are really many. And because there are many, this makes the service so popular – tenants and landlords take advantage of it willingly, which makes it so popular.

What results can we talk about

Every new beginning must be good for the end to be so. When we talk about professional end of tenancy cleaning Battersea, the effect in this case is really perfect – everything shines with cleanliness, the hygiene is at a very high level, which also affects the beauty of the property. Especially the comfort we desperately need. Everything is disinfected from end-to-end, which gives peace of mind that our health is not at risk.