How to Choose Colour for the Bedroom? | Domestic Cleaning Tips


The bedroom is the room where we spend most of our private time. This is actually the place where we spend the biggest part of the day though we are asleep. Most of the people do not pay attention to the colours in their homes but these are very important in fact. In Feng Shui the colours are one of the main things in a room and they have to be special in the bedroom if you want to enjoy trouble free relationship. Check our short guide on how to choose the colour for the bedroom.

  • First you should take into consideration the size of the room. If your bedroom is small, you shouldn’t paint it in dark colours because the result will be worse. The small rooms need light colours like pale yellow or orange. If the room if large, you can paint it in bright colours. The dark ones are not recommended for the bedroom because they can depress you. Be careful with the too light ones because they are hard to clean. White walls are the nightmare of the cleaning services in Camberwell.
  • It is essential to decide what mood you want in the room. If you are married and you want romantic mood, the perfect colour is pale red or pink. People who love nature should choose the green shades. Blue colours are representing relaxed mood. The yellow ones are cheerful and this is more suitable for the living room.
  • When you are moving into a new house and you have to buy new furniture, you have the freedom to choose whatever colour you want. But if you already have furniture, you need to keep in mind the colours it requires. It won’t be a great view, if you have brown furniture and you paint the walls in violet. Make sure the two colours match each other.
  • In order to avoid the boring look of a single coloured room, you can add more colours using accents. Place small accessories which will add additional mood to the room. Ribbons in different colour on the curtains or souvenirs here and there will do the job.
  • Before you apply the paint to each one of the walls, you can test it. Most of the stores are offering samples so you can apply it on a single place in the room somewhere in the corner where it won’t be visible until you paint the whole room.

Now when you know these things, it will be easier for you choose the most appropriate colour for you and your room. Make sure that it will become the place where you will be pleased to spend your time. Your relaxation depends on this, that why you have to be smart and measured. If you still hesitate, you can ask professional decorators about their advice and they will tell you how to choose colour for the bedroom properly right away.