Innovative Kitchen Furniture | Domestic Cleaning Tips


When it comes to innovative, cutting edge furniture concepts and designs, the kitchen isn’t the first thing that springs to one’s mind.

Having said that, many clever engineers and gifted designers have been playing with kitchen furniture design and concept for some time now and the results are truly impressive, although some of them are still at the conceptual stage of their lifespan, many of the designs will be quickly mass produced and integrated in the modern kitchen.

Take for instance the creation of a gifted designer by the name of Antoine Lebrun. He has created the ultimate hybrid kitchen design. His idea was to create a fully functional, almost autonomous kitchen unit which houses all appliances, sink basins and meal preparation areas into one unit. Stoves, hot plates and ovens are also integrated in this clever design. What makes the kitchen unit so unique is its layout and shape, it appears to be similar to an ironing board or a large synthesizer with a lid on top of it, but the catch here is that the lid is an actual kitchen planter with lots of nice greenery growing on top. Now you see it, now you don’t. The design is an excellent example of how to bring nature inside and live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet of course, it will be a shame to deep-fry in a kitchen set up like this, right.

Cleaning and maintenance though are also in need of some improvement, everyone wants to see a self cleaning kitchen but until then someone will have to do the cleaning, if you don’t want that someone to be you, let the kitchen woes be handled by Cleaners West Ealing, the company provides a wide range of quality domestic services at the right price, they will send you a team of professional and well mannered cleaners West Ealing residents have the benefit of seven day a week service with no additional charges.

Playing around with ideas and concepts drawn from the kitchen is a good way to integrate appliances into furniture and vise versa.