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Large cleaning projects, such as spring cleaning, often start off with big enthusiasm, but before being completed that enthusiasm evaporates. These tried and tested tips will help you to stay motivated and complete your clutter-clearing project quickly and effectively.

10. Try a “maybe box”

While cleaning we often find stuff we either didn’t know for it existence, or didn’t use till now. I would advise you to get rid of that stuff once and for all but if you can’t quite bring yourself to ditch it then set up a maybe box. Collect all those items into the maybe box and seal it for the next six months. Chances are that when those six months pass, your maybe box will still be sealed meaning you didn’t need any of the stuff in it and you can get rid of the whole lot.

9. Get creative with your storage

Storage spaces help reducing the junk across our homes. However, you can be more creative then just using empty shelves and plastic containers and turn your home into a more eye-pleasing place with our top 10 list of creative storage ideas .

8. Give away working items you don’t need

Most people find it hard to dispose of things that still work, therefore they often sell them either by organizing a garage sale, or via eBay or the like. In case you don’t want the hassle of any kind of sale, give your unwanted stuff away. Websites like OzRecycle  and Freecycle can help you find people in your area to whom to give your stuff. Getting rid of the unneeded items also give you more space for the stuff you want to keep.

7. Organize your wardrobe with hangers

Perhaps your wardrobe is filled with clothes you never actually wear but you don’t know which exactly they are. You can easily track what you do wear and what not by simply reversing the hanger whenever you actually wear a piece of clothing. After a few months, you will know exactly what deserves keeping and what to give to charity.

6. Adopt the day approach strategy

Finding spare time for a proper clean-up can be hard, especially with the busy life we lead today. But it can be even harder to part with items that have sentimental value for us. Getting rid of just one item a day is an efficient strategy to improve your clutter profile, without having to make difficult decisions.

5. Use camera for a fresh perspective

It is easy to get used with the everyday clutter that occupies your home and not make you impression. Taking photos of your house and then watching them can give you a new perspective on where junk is accumulating.

4. Be ruthless when categorise

Decluttering always involves sorting items into categories (those to keep, to donate, and to get rid of). If you can’t define to which category something belongs then you most probably don’t need it. Either give it away or put it into your ‘maybe box’ but do not keep it.

3. Enjoy throwing things out

Clutter clearing often gets viewed as a burden, but in fact, getting rid of stuff can be very satisfying. If you are feeling that clutter is starting to overtake your place, grab those garbage bags and dispose of them as soon as possible. Also you can call Rubbish Removal London – a rubbish clearance company with affordable and reliable clearance services – to come in and take your junk away. It will act as a booster and give you the needed motivation for the next round.

2. Match the plan to the room

While decluttering is all about clearing the unwanted, useless, or broken stuff out of your home, the way you declutter a kitchen will be different to an attic, and both will vary from the garage. The Lifehacker’s in-depth guide to cleaning clutter in your office will help you to tackle the top pain point.

1. Have an overall strategy

Just repeating yourself, “I’m going to clean the entire house this weekend”, isn’t ever going to cut it; you will get derailed at the first distraction. Having an overall strategy and a detailed plan makes it much more possible to finish the job.

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