The Most Unexpected Uses of Salt – Domestic Cleaning Tips

Salt is probably the most common spice there is. Everybody knows and uses it, mainly in food, to make it taste better. What you may not know about salt until now, is that it is a multi purpose product that you can trust in the strangest situations. Read this article and get informed about the most unexpected uses of salt.

Wearing shoes without socks is a bad idea, however some of us do it, especially in the summer. This habit get pretty smelly fast. If you want to get rid of the unpleasant odour in the easiest way possible, cleaners Heathrow Hamlet advise you to sprinkle some salt in your sneakers from time to time. It will soak up the moisture and remove the bad smell. This particular method will give best results, when used on canvas shoes.

If you haven’t paid attention in your chemistry classes, you may not be aware of the fact, that salt decreases the ice freezing temperature. You can benefit from this fact and use it to keep your windows free of frost during winter time. All you have to do, is wipe them with a sponge, soaked in salty water and let them dry. Keeping a small bag with salt in your car to rub the windows with, will keep ice and snow away from them.

If you have fish as house pets, you are probably wondering how to deal with the mineral deposits in your tank, caused by hard water. Professionals recommend cleaning the tank’s inside with plain salt and rinse good before putting your fish back in there. Problem solved – easy and simple.