Decorating Ideas for St. Valentine’s Day – Domestic Cleaning Tips

St. Valentine’s Day is coming and many people would love to decorate their homes for that occasion. When it comes to Cupid’s Day, reds, pinks and crimson are the most common colours and your decoration should centre on them. Whether you’re preparing for a host of a Valentine’s Day party, or simply want a nicely decorated home for a romantic and cozy dinner with your loved one, here are a few ideas that can solve your St. Valentine decoration dilemma.

Decorating Your Home for St. Valentine’s Day is Easy

You don’t need much to create the perfect decoration for the day of lovers. A lovely Valentine’s Day atmosphere can be achieved by simply using cloth, candles, ribbons, candies and flowers. Colouring everything from curtains to cups, plates, tablecloths, bedspreads, and not to forget the balloons in red and white will turn your home into a Cupid’s dream.

Keep the Atmosphere Rosy

There is no romantic without candles, and you should keep that in mind when trying to achieve a rosy atmosphere. However, don’t use candlelight just because you have to but make the atmosphere as romantic as possible. Floating candles in rounded vase, for instance, are simply stunning. Alternatively, you can purchase a waterfall of candle wax to create a cheerful and festive atmosphere. A lovely and romantic atmosphere can even be achieved with cliches like heart-shaped candles.

Visit your local florist and see if not possible to sell you some flower petals that have fallen by the wayside while arrangements were made. These cost nothing, but even if they do, the cost will be negligible, and nothing sets mood better than a path of petals, for example, or petal strewn tablecloths.

Food at Valentine’s Day

The ideas for food you can serve on Valentine’s Day are plenty. For instance, you can serve pink lemonade, or red punch, or if you want to go with something stronger try with red or rose wines! Heart-shaped cookies are out of question. You can also prepare red frosted cakes or colourful fruit cakes.

Those Pretty, Pink Confetti

Heart-shaped confetti will be a nice extra touch of your table decoration. Flowers are a must of course. Red and white flowers should be relatively easy to find for St. Valentine’s Day. Aside of roses, which probably are the most purchased flower for the day of lovers, a bouquet of red or pink carnations mixed with white ones could also make a good impression. Another good option for flowers on St. Valentine’s Day would be colourful hydrangeas and/or hyacinths in bright pinks and whites.

Let’s not forget about the candies, which are integral part of Cupid’s Day. This doesn’t mean you should reach deep into your pockets and buy expensive candy boxes for everyone. Instead, you can purchase lower cost candies that are sweet and have one of these “cute” sayings on them, such as “Melt my ♥” and more.

Desserts Included

Other sweet ideas, other than what has been already suggested, may be strawberries covered in white chocolate, or a heart-shaped red velvet cake with vanilla icing.

In general, simply try to carry the colours of red or pink and white throughout the night, and your St. Valentine’s Day will be perfect in terms of decoration.