Plants That Can Make Your Garden Beautiful Even in The Winter – Domestic Cleaning Tips

It is usually in winter that gardeners start planning their gardens. While they are thinking about colourful flowers and butterflies, they shouldn’t forget to add trees and shrubs that look great in snow. Spring, summer and autumn concentrate on blooms and foliage in the garden, but in winter structure will provide more visual interest to your garden.

1. Shrubs –  like holly bushes will produce plenty of berries.

2. Trees – take crape mirth, for instance, will reveal interesting bark when their leaves fall down, will be the perfect ones for the winter show. Such plants will provide not only the winter decoration to your garden, but they will also increase the selling value of the hous.

3. Berry bushes – they attract birds which will add to your garden movement and colourful flashes.Here are some well known varieties which will provide a winter focal point to your garden:

4. Ilex – Shrub with green leaves and berries that change their colour with the changes in temperature.Always plant male and female plants together to have plenty of berries.

5. Dogwood – a compact shrub with dark red or bright yellow stems in winter.• Camelia japonica – a shrub with dark green leaves during the whole year and white winter blossoms.

6. Helleborus – an interesting plant especially beautiful in winter with blossoms from January to March.

7. Miscantus  – an ornamental grass which can give to your landscape a varied height and visual interest.In bed and containers plant cabbage, kale, Swiss chard and other ornamental varieties for the winter decoration of your garden.

8. Birds – Attract birds by hanging birds feeders. Birds will add some movement and colour to the dull winter scenery.

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