Manage a fitness center? Make it popular and preferred by all

Are you a fitness center owner? Or maybe you have a personal fitness at home that needs daily cleaning. It is very difficult to maintain such a big space with that much equipment especially with today’s hygiene requirements. If that is true then you have found the right article. VIP Cleaning London and its cleaning services are here to help you.

What about the gym cleaning

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A public fitness center means working with multiple customers all day every day. There is a lot of people coming in, using the equipment, showers, toilets and changing rooms and because of that you need to keep a good eye on the cleanliness of the space so that every user is satisfied and feels safe using your gym. The upkeep of such premises is a difficult task for one person with no professional cleaning experience so if you are considering to hire a daily fitness cleaner, which you should, then look no more- our company is here to help.

Because of the big space and the amount of cleaning needed to be done and how important a high level of hygiene is it’s better to hire a professional so you don’t make any compromises when it comes to tidiness. These are a few tasks that our employee or team of cleaners can help you with:

  • Cleaning floors (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and disinfecting);
  • Cleaning changing rooms (floors, mirrors, seats and lockers);
  • Cleaning all fitness equipment (treadmills, bicycle ergometers, strength training devices, weights) and disinfecting them;
  • Cleaning all showers and toilets with antibacterial chemicals and scrubbing down any residue;
  • Tidying and maintaining the cleanliness of your reception area.

You can count on the professional Daily Fitness Cleaner to keep your fitness at a top level of hygiene so that all your members will feel comfortable coming to your gym and using the equipment with confidence. No one would like to go back to a dirty fitness center; instead they will look for another place. Our employee/s will come in every day and make sure that your establishment is spotless and ready for another day of greeting and accommodating customers.

Right business strategy

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fitness equipment

If you are an exercise enthusiast and you have a personal fitness at home you might also find it difficult to cope with the maintenance of hygiene. Contact us and we will send you one of our cleaners for a one-time session or a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription- as many times as you need us we will be there. An at home gym won’t need as much cleaning as a public one but once a week would be good to kill any bacteria as we do sweat during exercise and we need to pay more attention to this type of facility.

VIP Cleaning London puts a big emphasis on the performance of all its services and makes no compromise on quality as should you. We are a company:

  • With many years of experience in this field;
  • Working only with high class chemicals and cleaning devices;
  • For us it’s very important that the customer is 100% satisfied with our service;
  • Whether it‘s your fitness that needs cleaning or your house/apartment or maybe your backyard patio or car, whatever it is, we can clean it.

We offer a big variety of services. We can help you to deep clean your space, when you are moving out of a rented apartment, we can also help you with spring cleaning, all furniture and appliances as well as after you have had a party or celebration and your place is a mess. Trust and contact VIP Cleaning London, sit back and we will do it for you with love and attention.