Which is the optimal cleaning solution for our yard

Having a house with a backyard space is quite a luxury nowadays. It is even more of a privilege to have a patio where you can do outdoor cooking, entertain guests and unwind with a book and cup of coffee or wine at the end of a stressful day. We say it’s a luxury because these days most people are lucky if they find a decent- size apartment. However, the upkeep of such an outdoor space can be quite a handful and overwhelming and if you ask us it’s not up to everybody’s ability to keep it neat and clean.

Patio cleaning – did you think you could miss it

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Garden furniture

One of the reasons that a patio area needs special attention is because it is actually outdoors where the harsh weather conditions can give their reflection on the furniture, woods and tiles. For example, after a long winter or a rainy season when the humidity Is extra high you might see that some mold has settled on the stones and furniture and mold is a dangerous substance so this is where VIP Cleaning London steps in. We will send you a person or a team of professional cleaners prepared with the best cleaning equipment there is. You don’t need to worry yourself with how specific outdoor maintenance is as our company has been doing this for many years and knows exactly how to handle your patio area and what environmentally friendly chemicals to use. We will clean your:

  • Wooden, rattan, metal or whatever material outdoor furniture you have (tables, chairs, bench/swing, garden façade);
  • Wooden, stone or brick fence;
  • Driveway;
  • Jet washing etc.

Cleaning the outdoors by yourself generally is not a problem but the equipment makes all the difference in the world and with time dirt will start to pile and there will be certain tools needed to deep clean the dirty ground and mold. Maybe you would like to have a party in your backyard, invite and cook for friends and family and you would like it to be impressively clean. Perhaps it’s just you and your closest people that will be enjoying it – either way the best solution is to call a professional company like VIP Cleaning London and to hire a certified Patio Cleaner. It’s money well spent since the next time you will need to clean your patio will be after a long time.

What to expect from Vip Cleaning London

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We pay special attention to the detail of cleaning your outdoor furniture just as much as indoor such so as not to damage them. If you use the space year – round perhaps it’s good to arrange a monthly or weekly subscription to our cleaning services and If you only use it for a few months of the year then twice a year would be suitable for our team to visit your home to prepare your patio for long entertaining days and nights under the sun and the stars.


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There is nothing better than being outdoor in the good weather and still in the privacy of your own home so why not take care of it and make it spotlessly clean – that way it will last you for many years whereas if you let it get run down you might have to reconstruct in a few years which is a lot more expensive than a regular upkeep by our professionals.

If you decide to contact us, which you will not regret, our company will come in place and inspect the situation in your garden, the state of the furniture, the size of the space and the level of pollution so that they can give you a certain price for the service and also set a date which is convenient for you. We are the best choice for your patio cleanliness so don’t hesitate – call us, pour yourself a drink and sit back and enjoy the weather in your backyard oasis.