How to achieve a beautiful interior in the car

Having a car nowadays is a convenience. Many years ago, when cars were still a new invention, they were a luxury but now almost every household and individual has a car- some even have two. And so, with all the updating in manufacturing and the cost of owning a personal vehicle – requirements for its cleanliness have also gone up. We don’t offer just any kind of cleaning but the most tedious, detail demanding and time-consuming kind which is upholstery cleaning.

Car maintenance

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clean car

It is very difficult to imagine our lives without the comfort of owning a car. A lot of us even have a dream model in mind that we would one day like to own and we also think about the interior it will have. You can probably say that you wash your car very often, maybe two to three times a month. But how often can you say that you get the inside of it cleaned? Maybe you don’t think that it gets very dirty in there but the truth is that with our clothes and shoes we bring into the car all the dirt and bacteria from outside.

We sometimes give our pets a ride or take the children to school and they spill their food and drinks on the seats and the ground. If you spend a lot of time driving then you probably sometimes eat in your car too, so all the stains and leftover food can really set into your interior and while it doesn’t visibly get as dirty as the outside you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of professional upholstery cleaning once in a while. This is only one of the Car Upholstery Cleaning services that our company provides.

To whom to entrust the cleanliness in the vehicle

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VIP Cleaning London is a cleaning firm with a splendid team of experienced professionals with many years in the field. We offer a big variety of services- from spring and deep cleaning to patio and fitness cleaning. We can tidy your place after a party of at the end of your tenancy and we can also help to bring your car back to life and bring back that new car smell by deep cleaning the inside of it. And how are we going to do that? In several easy steps:

  • The first thing that our employees will do is to review the condition of your car;
  • Assess the nature of the spots and whether special chemicals are required;
  • A suitable detergent is applied to the stains and all the necessary areas, brushed and left to degrade the dirt;
  • After the chemicals have done their job it’s time to steam clean your upholstery;
  • Steam cleaning is a very effective way to get under the fabric and insert the detergent to deep clean every inch of the seats. This is something that cannot be done with any other technique.

There are many companies that offer this service so you might be wondering why would you choose ours. If you go for VIP Cleaning London you will get a competitive price for the service, special attention to detail and the best possible care for your car’s cleanliness. We will also save you time as you can arrange an appointment that is suitable for you, make your plans and we will clean your vehicle while you are at work, with friends, on holiday, running errands or if you just want to relax at home.

You will be able to drive your car after it has dried within 1-4 hours after we are done depending on the weather and how dirty it was. Inspect your car immediately after our team has finished cleaning it to see if there are any missed spots because once we leave your location no complaints can be accepted. If want to take care of your personal vehicle call us and we will help you with a one-time clean or a subscription at optimal prices.