How To Make Your Property More Presentable? | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Long ago some wise man said “you only get one chance to make a first impression” while presenting your property to prospective tenants you will get only one chance to make a good impression. There is no doubt that a well presented property can achieve almost anything such as finding reliable tenants, get a high rent fee and etc. In this article we will write down some valuable presentation tips so that they could help you well present your rental unit.

Do not underestimate the importance of a well maintained garden. The garden is the first aspect of the property that the tenants see. Therefore be sure to mow the lawn, clean the windows from the outside and wash away any dirt and debris from the paths, driveway and garage.

If you are considering a paint refreshment do not do only the areas that need paint, do the whole property having different paint patches makes the unit look unclean, a fresh layer of paint on the whole property makes it feel new. Repair leaking taps, sticking doors, broken light bulbs, replace loose window or door handles.

If your rental unit is located in a high noisy area, try to isolate the property. Get rid of every residue odor such related to pet smell, cigarette smoke and wet carpet. If needed, call the assistance of professional cleaning services located near you neighborhood.

When presenting the property open the curtains and blinds to let sunlight in, this way the room will appear larger. If you have a pool, ensure the pool is crystal clean, change or fix the pool filters if needed, a pool should be considered a valuable asset.

Make sure that all power points and electrical systems work properly and that they are safe. Get an insurance policy that covers tenant visitations, you do not want to be held liable if a prospective tenant gets injured during a viewing.

Having your property meticulously cleaned and in perfect condition sends a clear message to every potential tenant: take good care of my property as I will expect to find the apartment in the same condition I let it to you in first place. This way every renter will know in advance that he will be obligated to conduct a final cleaning when the tenancy ends. Talking about end of tenancy cleaning, Colindale has a great potential for finding the right professionals.