How to Clean Vinyl Floors (Part One) | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Vinyl floors are durable and look great. If you have such type of flooring at home, read this article and learn some tips on how to clean vinyl floors.

To prevent the dirt form coming in your house, the first thing you can do is to have a walk-off doormat inside and outside of your front door. According to cleaners Bethnal Green, this way most of the dirt will stay out and your floor will not get so dirty in the first place. Grime is like sandpaper and damages the finish of your floor, making it look worn. Asphalt chemicals are even worse, because they easily stick to your shoes and you can’t even see them. What you will see later, is a yellowing of your floor, caused by them.

You might think that cleaning your floor every day isn’t necessary, but you are wrong. A quick daily sweeping will prevent that the dirt gets ground, which will be much harder to get rid of. If you make a habit out of the daily mopping, you will be able to enjoy your flooring much longer. Decide what you prefer – daily cleaning for 5 minutes, or two hours scrubbing on Sunday.

In order to remove hairspray form your vinyl sheet, cleaners Bethnal Green recommend the use of shampoo. Put a couple of drops in water and mop the floor with it. It works on your hair and it will work on the floor as well.

You can find even more tips on how to clean vinyl floors in the second part of this article.