How to Clean Vinyl Floors (Part Two) | Domestic Cleaning Tips

In the first part of this article, we mentioned some tips on how to clean a vinyl flooring. We explained the importance of keeping the dirt out by having a door mat, and how a daily cleaning is much more quick and effective, than a weekly one. Now we continue with even more useful piece of advice on the right ways to maintain vinyl floors.

According to professionals from cleaners Bethnal Green, the secret for extending the lifespan of your floor, is to clean it with the the mildest products you can find. Using strong chemical products might remove the dirt to be gone faster, but they will also damage the finishing and make your floor look worn in less time. When noticing a spill, the key is to act immediately. A quick motion will prevent the stain to set in and become permanent. A fresh stain is much more easier to get rid of, then an old one. If the vacuum can’t deal with it, use a damp mop. If you decide to clean with soap, it must be a special one, designed for vinyl.

Cleaning with the right products is the best way to maintain your vinyl floor looking like new. Cleaners Bethnal Green strongly recommend to get informed about the exact type of your floor’s finishing and find the most appropriate cleanser for it and follow the instructions on the label. Never rub too hard when cleaning. Rinse with cold water after, otherwise you will have residues left.

Stay tuned for the last part of “How to Clean Vinyl Floors”.