How to Clean Your Vintage Aluminium Kitchen Canisters | Domestic Cleaning Tips


If your antique aluminium kitchen canisters, that date back to the previous century, are covered with dust and oil, and you are wondering how to bring their shine back, then you should read this post. If I have to be honest cleaning vintage aluminium surfaces is definitely not an easy thing to achieve. However, with the proper materials and techniques, the impossible can easily become possible.

Sometimes, using a solution of some effective dish-washing detergent and water on your antique aluminium kitchen canister is not enough to clean the surface. Therefore, you need to have a few other alternatives in mind that can help you to gain the desired results. Housekeepers London know exactly how to clean your vintage aluminium kitchen canisters as effectively as possible by using natural ingredients only. And here are their tips:

The materials that you will need for the cleaning of your aluminium canisters are: a dry towel, a clean, damp cloth, sponge, baking soda and lemons or lemon juice.

How to Remove Build-up from Vintage Aluminium Surfaces:

1. Create your homemade cleaning paste of a half cup lemon juice and ΒΌ cup of baking soda. Stir the ingredients until you make a thick cleaning paste. Use the sponge to apply your green cleaner to the affected areas on the aluminium.

2. Rub carefully and examine the surface for any damages. If there are not any scratches or streaks you can apply more pressure to the surface. When the build-up is completely removed from your vintage aluminium kitchen canisters, get rid of the remaining homemade paste with a clean, damp cloth. Next, you should dry the surface with a clean, soft towel.

Recommendation: Do not use any abrasive detergents such as a scouring pad on vintage aluminium, especially if your canisters are with decorative colouring.