5 Ideas to Decorate a Playroom


Every child would be excited of having his own room to play and relax. But before your old office or bedroom turns into your children’s dream room, you should first carefully plan how to make the most use of the space. What toys and furniture will be put in the room and how they will be used?

Planning everything from the colour shades of the room to the type of curtains and carpeting may seem too much to handle, but with a few easy tips you would be able to make a wonderful playroom.

Here are 5 simple ideas on how to decorate a playroom

#1. Playrooms are meant for fun and recreation, and walls should represents this too. Don’t just paint them in bright colours but put some characters on the walls. You don’t need to be a great artist to be able to draw a skyline or some simple birds on a tree. If you do have an artistic talent, you can experiment with more complicated compositions.

#2. Place a blackboard into the playroom. This will allow your kids to draw until they get bored and should keep the rest of your house’s walls untouched by your little ones’ wall art. You don’t want kids’ drawings on the walls all over your home, especially when blackboard spray is so cheap, do you?

#3. Be sure that your kids will jump around the room and all sort of mess will fall around. Don’t just place a carpet for the dirt and debris to get trapped in and carpet wrinkles to mount up, but make sure the flooring is smooth and padded. This will protect your kids from getting hurt of minor bumps, and will allow the play to continue.

#4. Cupboards may not be the most specific playroom piece of furniture but provide easy storage space and wall-long work surface. Install built in cupboards to the playroom and they will prove to be a great addition to any solution.

#5. Probably the most important thing in a playroom is cleanliness. No matter how the room is furnished, you need the easiest way to clean it. Use easy-to-clean surfaces and you will have no troubles dealing with dirt, paint, clay and glue build ups. If you need something removed, simply call a junk removal company and they will take care of it.

Have these 5 tips in mind when you are making a playroom for your kids and you can be sure that the room will be used every day and last for many years ahead.