How To Remove Fruit Juice Stains From a Carpet | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Eating fruit and vegetables often is very healthy approach. They supply you with vitamins and fibres that improve your physical state. Also they could assist you in your attempt to lose some weight that you have gained recently. Fruits boost our immune system and keep us safe from any winter viruses and colds, a common saying states “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

They are the natural way to make our skin look nice and beautiful in any season. There is nothing better for our body after the hard work day than a glass of fresh citrus (lemon, orange, banana, pineapple) juice. A glass of nice tomato or carrot juice will be a treat as well.

Sometimes however the fresh juice preparation may turn into a disaster for you could leave a nasty stain on your lovely carpet. Actually, there is no need to panic. There is a way to remove fruit juice stains, especially if you are aware of the following instructions:

•    Blot the juice from the carpet as soon as the accident happens. Remember: never rub, only blot.

•    Use a sponge or a bottle to spray warm water on the stain and damp it lightly.

•    According to the material of your carpet, choose the right cleaning liquid. It’s better to test the solution first on a place that is quite hidden and nobody will see. Wait for 20 minutes. If you find any discolouration or other negative effects, remove the solution with water and a sponge. In case your carpet is made of natural materials, (as wool, or is antique and very valuable), it’s better to call a professional carpet cleaner. The cleaning experts in Hornchurch use modern equipment and cleaning materials. Their services could vary depending on your cleaning needs and preferences.

•    Apply the cleaning material on the fruit stain.

•    Use warm water to rinse the stain. Take a clean sponge and dab lightly the stain. The excess liquid must be removed.

•    Dry the treated area of the carpet. Put a dry white towel over the spot and press it with a heavy object, like a book. On the next day remove the towel.