How to Clean Vinyl Floors (Part Three) | Domestic Cleaning Tips

In the last part of “How to Clean Vinyl Floors” you read about the benefits of using non-chemicals products, which are specially designed for cleaning of your floor’s type. In this part you can learn some other cleaning and maintenance tricks for vinyl.

Always be careful not to soak the vinyl too much while cleaning. Otherwise the water will get in the cracks and this will damage the glue that holds the pieces together.

You might not be aware of the fact, soap scum forms a film, that attracts dirt. That’s why it’s much better to clean with just a damp mop, and leave soap for the times when the floor gets really dirty. The best you can do, is to use two mops for cleaning – one for washing and the other one for rinsing.

Be aware of the type of your vinyl floor, if it’s no wax – don’t wax it. Otherwise you will be stuck with a mess, almost impossible to clean. There are special products for restoring the shine of no-wax floors. Clean the vinyl, dry it and apply a thin layer of the product. This will make your floor shiny for at least 6 months.

Cleaners Bethnal Green advise to be careful, when moving your furniture. Or even better – supply it with the so called “protective feet” you can buy from any hardware store. This way you will prevent scratching your floor. If you plan to replace all of your old furniture with new one, use a plywood path to put all the items on. Don’t drag the pieces of furniture, ask someone to help you lift them.