A Breath of Fresh Air in the Sleepy Life of Pyjamas? | Domestic Cleaning Tips

You have probably heard about how Kickstarter has given creators and fans the chance to create products and projects they would otherwise never find out in the commercial life. Some people have dismissed this as a mere trend. Others have swore it to be the future. Whatever you might think about it, you can’t deny that people get really creative with the platform, because you would never find a more colourful campaign about something as ubiquitous pyjamas.

Pyjama Pajama has set out to make pyjamas not only interesting, but international as well. What do I mean by that? Well, if funded, the Kickstarter team will invite international designers to send their pyjama designs in six categories including technology, animals, hobbies – basically covering everything little boys and girls might like. From the preliminary designs, it seems the pyjamas capture the carefree spirit of childhood. What do you think about this project? Is there any merit to it? Is this the best thing to happen to pyjamas? I personally wouldn’t mind owning a pyjama with cute owls, informative facts and doubling as a t-shirt.