Halloween Decoration 2013: 10 Easy Homemade Ideas

Ahhh…Halloween! What can I say? With all these candy, costumes and props associated with the holiday, Halloween is certainly one of the most funny, interesting and exciting days of the year. However, decorating for Halloween could turn into a really expensive initiative if not being careful. These homemade Halloween decoration ideas can help dress up your house for the holiday easily and inexpensively but without looking cheap.

Cobweb Coasters

Ensure a creepy look of your cups by placing them on these spindly cobweb coasters. To make one, you will need a 3/8-inch metal washer, five bobby pins, twine and white spray-paint. Hook the pins onto the washer, and then wrap some twine around and thread through them. Use a spray-paint to give a ghoulish look to your cobweb coasters. Spread small plastic spiders around the table for additional creepy look. See more in the video here.

Hanging Bats and Ghost

Use egg cartons to make cute, cheap bats; just cut, paint black, and add googly eyes. For sweet Halloween ghosts, paint some leaves white, and then draw a spooky face with a black marker.

Crafty Spider Sacks

Make stylish yarn spider webs to hang over a railing, chandelier, or decorate light fixtures. Add a tiny toy spider to each sack.

Ghostly Wreath

Make an eye-catching ghostly wreath with a black bow and a few white felt ghost. You can paint the wreath black or gray, or leave it natural.

Fuss-Free Flowers

Make a gorgeous Halloween bouquet with book pages and tissue paper. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Sizzix cutting tool, you can easily do the bouquet, using the good old scissors.

Wicked Witch Candy Dish

These beautiful paper witch shoes do double duty as decorations and bewitching candy bowls.

Cheesecloth Ghosts

These cheesecloth ghosts look really cute. All you need is a cheesecloth, a small balloon and a bowl of fabric stiffener.

Tissue Paper Ghosts

Create a gang of spooky ghosts. Cut some spooky looking eyes and mouths from construction-paper and adhere them to white tissue-paper wedding bells with glue. Finally, cover them with cheesecloth.

Polka Dot Witch Hat

This funny mini witch hat with polka dots can be a great addition to your Halloween decoration.

Halloween Spells and Potions Books

Nothing too expensive or hard to find is required to create this spooky, totally simple pile of Halloween Spell & Potions Books.

Bonus Tip

Trash is inevitable part of Halloween preparations. To get rid of it, simply call a rubbish removal London company. This way, you will save yourself both time and effort, and will be able to focus entirely on your craft projects.