Why Declutter Your Kitchen?

According to the dictionary clutter is confusion and disorder. Think about it. Is your kitchen often a mess because you have so much in it that it is difficult to clean? Are your cupboards in a state of disorder because you simply can’t fit everything in it?

We don’t want our kitchen to be a mess or in a state of disorder. An we don’t want using it to be so complicated we order out instead of cooking a (significantly healthier and cheaper) homemade meal for our loved ones. After all, if you wanted clutter, you wouldn’t be reading article right now hoping it holds some magic key that gets you past the lethargy, guilt, busy schedule, or other obstacle to finally un-complicating your kitchen.

By decluttering just this one room in your house, you are going to make your life better. At first this claim seems specious, but if you think about it for a moment, you will find it holds a simple truth. Once you have fewer things to manoeuvre around when you work in the kitchen, you will feel less stress, frustration, and discontent. So although decluttering your kitchen won’t suddenly fix all your problems, it can fix this one, daily problem.

Once you have done with the junk removal, you will find it easier to breath, to think. There is something about feeling overwhelmed with complications that creates disquiet. Conversely, simplifying often means content. Consider all the great thinkers who have believed in simplicity and been happier for it: Henry David Thoreau, Buddha, St Augustine… and the list could go on.

So much for the metaphysical. The down-to-earth types who have been rolling their eyes at the above thoughts will appreciate the following. It is easier to cook in a kitchen with less stuff. It is easier to clean a kitchen with no clutter. Therefore, it is easier to live in a decluttered kitchen. It really is that simple.

So whether you connect with the emotional side of decluttering, the practical side, or both, you have very good reasons to start making your kitchen a better space by making it a clutter-free space. In short, to remove mess and disorder – in this case unwanted kitchen stuff – from your life.