Recycling Paper Facts | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Cleaning London experts will share with you their interesting recycling paper facts. Learn how much waste we create and how much we can save with our small actions. Because every small action counts and together we can preserve our planet!

Cleaners in London are always there to help with their tips and amazing advice. That’s why you should read their guidelines and learn from the recycling paper facts why this is so important for the Earth and its supplies.

1) Each year, UK uses in paper a whole forest with the size of Wales. Yes, you read correct…

2) There are although good news – we recycle enough paper to save more than 30 thousands trees. Cleaners in London explain that this is equal to about 30 football pitches. We can do even better, right?

3) An average person in the UK uses almost 40 kg of newspapers per year. Think about how much trees and landfills we will save if we recycle them.

4) In the UK, every year are used more than 12 millions tonnes of paper and cardboard.

5) Every Christmas, almost 100 square kilometres of wrapping paper ends up in the rubbish bin. Cleaners in London say that this amount is enough to cover the Guernsey.

Think green! Think eco! Change your lifestyle and be more eco-friendly. That way you not only help to the environment, but to your health as well. Contact the cleaning London team experts and ask them for more tips and many more important recycling paper facts.