Five Top Tips For A Happy Bedroom | Domestic Cleaning Tips

The bedroom is one of the few areas of the house where you can really allow your individual taste and preferences to stand out.

For many people the bedroom is their private sanctuary; a place to not only sleep but also read, relax with a movie or enjoy some well-earned “me” time. Bedroom decoration needs to be calming enough to facilitate peaceful slumber, whilst also allowing space for funny or whimsical items. Detailed below are a few suggestions for getting the best out of your bedroom.

Less is more for Ornaments and Knick-knacks
Restrict ornaments or pictures to one or two favourite pieces which will delight without being overwhelming. If cost is an issue, make use of auctions, boot fairs, clearance sales and special offers to source original and innovative decorative touches.

Fun Soft Furnishings are a Bedroom Essential
There are currently an enormous range of quirky bed sets, cushions, throws, rugs and curtains on the market. As these articles are reasonably cheap to replace, there’s an opportunity to let your imagination run riot and select bold fabrics, interesting textures and shapes without worrying about making an expensive mistake. Animal prints, floral designs and stripes can all add interest to your décor. Generally interior designers recommend small amounts of striking colour for best effect.

Minimal Furniture Achieves Maximum Impact
Bedrooms need space to promote a restful atmosphere. Rooms cluttered with large items of furniture will feel stuffy and small. A bed utilising classic design, in a neutral colour and no bigger than required, will go a long way to promoting tranquillity. Vary the headboard or bed linen to achieve a change of style. The only other essentials for a bedroom are a bedside table or cabinet, a mirror for applying make-up or hair styling and some storage.

Inspirational Lighting Transforms Your Surroundings
Instead of opting for a traditional overhead light and bedside lamp, consider investing in some of the more exciting lighting solutions currently on the market. A string of indoor fairy lights, spotlights, moveable night lights and lava lamps can all add impact and excitement to the bedroom for a modest outlay.

Imagination is Key to Successful Decorating
Use modestly priced techniques such as stencilling and decoupage to achieve interesting and unique effects. For a taste of the highlife, invest in a chandelier; if you’ve always dreamed of a night in a castle, cheaply sourced wall sconces and some imaginative wall painting will give a great medieval effect.

A few carefully chosen purchases can make an enormous difference to the appearance of your bedroom. With a little imagination, it’s possible to stage a bedroom revolution; resulting in an attractive space you will love spending time in.

This article was written by Jonny Piggs a homes and lifestyle blogger.