Bedroom cleaning? Let it not be a midnight nightmare

Our bedroom is the place we spend at least eight hours every day. In the morning, you never want to get out of bed, so making this space as tidy and comfortable as possible is important for every home owner. Fortunately, cleaning a bedroom is a lot easier than cleaning a kitchen or bathroom, as there are no appliances or sanitary furniture. If you are doing a deep house cleaning or you are just tackling your sleeping area the steps to follow are simple and fast.

Where to start from

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Starting with the master bedroom and moving on to children’s rooms, nurseries and guest bedrooms- as many or whichever ones you have the strategy is the same. If you only have one bedroom then you won’t need more than a couple of hours to tidy up. You don’t need a professional cleaning company just get your cleaning equipment and chemicals out, put on some music for a good mood and take care of the mess:

  • Start with the bed and mattress -The most difficult part of the bedroom is the bed itself;
  • Remove all the bedspreads, pillows, protectors and duvets and put them in the washing machine (if needed apply bleach to the stubborn spots);
  • Vacuum your mattress thoroughly. If there are any visible stains put detergent, let it sit for a few minutes then scrub with a soft brush;
  • Dust the headboard and polish it with wood cleaner;
  • If possible, flip your mattress over and check the under of it.
  • Clean and tidy all storages and wooden furniture – now is the time to go through all your clothes and belongings. If it’s a new season coming sort them out, clear out the clothes you haven’t been wearing and throw out any products, nick knacks and clutter that has been building up;
  • Wipe down all shelves, vanities, drawers, nightstands and wardrobes and give them a polish with the wood cleaner.

Check bedroom cleaning by and continue cleaning.

How to finish

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Finishing touches and refreshing – it is the time to take care of the details. Vacuum the floors if you have a carpet make sure you take a closer look if there are any stains and if possible, roll up the carpet and vacuum under it. Mop the ground, clean the mirrors and windows and let the fresh air come in. Dust any lamps and chandeliers and treat your sleeping area to some new decorations to make your slumber even more enjoyable.

If you have followed all these steps then no doubt your bedroom and guest rooms will be fresh, tidy and welcoming. Doing this once a month will give you a relaxing, neat and comfortable sleeping area to spend your nights in serene sleep and wake up energized and ready for the day. Visit where there are always good solutions and proven tips!