Interesting Elements That Can Be Added To Walls For Enhanced Decor | Domestic Cleaning Tips

We put a lot of effort in making our home look appealing; we add interesting furniture and bring in expensive decorative items because a good looking house is not just to show off but to provide comfort. Walls are an important part of the house and if empty they can tend to make the entire space look dull and boring. They can be painted over in bold colour or photographs can be hanged, but here are some unique ideas that you can try for differentiation and added decor:

Mosaic Masterpiece

Images, abstract pieces, patterns or simply a small section of a wall can be covered up using the mosaic technique. This art involves combining tiny pieces of glass, porcelain, pottery or stone and the final pattern created using different colours gives a highly unique and attractive appearance. This can be used for any room of the house including outdoors. Depending on the type of image, its size and the material used it can be quiet expensive but there are no doubts in brightening up any room with colour and style from the laundry to drawing room. To save cost small space can easily be filled up with mosaic art such as small panels between kitchen cabinetry etc.

Upholstered Walls

Textures are greatly a part of the latest trend and fashion and it can be added to walls using various fabrics. An entire wall can be covered by wall canvas printing or a section can be selected such as the area above the bed. Think out of the box and combine various materials such as panels on the wall with upholstered fabrics combined by wood panels. Cushion can be inserted behind the fabric for a soft look and buttons can be added. Leather can add luxury while velvet or something plush can be used on walls for a soft feel.

Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are always an essentiality but due to the presence of luxurious mirror frames in metallic colours, mosaic art, embossed or bevelled and even with bursts of design these make excellent pieces for wall art. They don’t have to confined to dressing tables only but entrances are perfect for a fancy mirror, while what bathroom can be complete without a classy reflector.

Canvas Pictures

Canvas is the new fad for printing photographs upon and canvas pictures can be customised for any picture pattern or size to adorn your walls. They can be split up, arranged in groups of different sizes, bordered and be put up anywhere in any room and even on shelves.