Easy Way to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Every girl or woman loves to beautify herself with manicure or pedicure once in a while. It is really great on the nails, but when it’s on the carpet, that’s not exactly the most attractive thing. Once it has stained your carpet, this substance might become really hard to remove.

Nail polish stains are not very hard to remove, but only if you catch them in time. Once they have dried, they won’t come out very easily and there’s even the possibility the stain won’t come out at all. Cleaners in London give some tips that should help you in most of the cases. But the most important rule is to act very quickly.

1. Grab a white cloth and apply a bit of nail polish (acetone) remover to it. Dab the stained area, but work very gently, because otherwise, you might spread the stain. It’s very important to use a cloth and not to pour the nail polish remover directly on the stain, because that will damage the backing of the carpet.

2. Now, it is time to remove the nail polish remover from the carpeting. You should use a mild detergent solution. Add a few drops of dish washing detergent into a cup of warm water. Mix thoroughly and use a spray bottle to spray the area. Blot up between applications using a paper towel.

3. Rinse with water very well, but blot up the moistened area each time. Finally, you should dry the area with a dry cloth and put a fan to blow over the spot.

I think that cleaning London services are not very needed in a case like this, but if it’s time for your basic cleaning of all carpets, you can combine the two tasks and save some money.