Decoration Tips for a Beautiful Bathroom


Bathrooms are in fact the most neglected parts of any home. This negligence is because of the reason that it is a place where we spend a very little part of our daily life. We think that it is place which doesn’t need to be paid any attention, but we are totally wrong. Even though we spend less than 4% of our daily time in bathroom, it is very much necessary to take measures to bathroom decoration also. Let us see them all in detail now.

Bathroom decoration starts from the kind of floor that you have in your bathrooms. The floor of the bathrooms needs to follow certain characteristics. These are very important and without following these, you will not be able to make your bathroom look good. There are many different options for making the home floors look beautiful. They are explained here in brief.

1) The most widely used way of bathroom flooring is using stones for the floor. This is the highly traditional method and the people were using this method in the olden days to make their bathroom floors look more beautiful. These stone floors have many advantages over other kinds of floors. These are not slippery compared to other kinds of floors such as granite and marble floors which are very nice and difficult to have a grip on them. But sometimes moss and lichen may grow on these stone floors and can make them a little slippery. So if the bathroom is slippery, you have to use the brightest flashlight to lighten it.

2) The other kinds of surfaces that are used for making the floors of bathrooms are granite, marble and slate tiles. They are very hard in nature and at the same time, highly slippery because of their nice appearance and non- granular texture. When water falls on their surface, they make the surface slippery and that leads to even more slippery surface. That makes you to slip down and fall on the surface, if you don’t take care while walking on them. So care must be taken. But the advantage of these floors is that they don’t allow mosses and lichens to grow on their surface.

3) The next thing that you have to keep in mind in bathroom decoration is that the bathrooms should be well equipped with well furnished taps that doesn’t leak water. This is another most neglected area in the decoration of bathrooms. Taps need to be secured and safe to avoid any water from trickling from their opening. Even drop by drop water leakage also leads to a lot of water wastage. So you have to keep an eye on this leakage. Stainless steel taps are always better for any kind of bathroom. Even though this is such an important thing, no one will ever think seriously about this problem and allow the water to go waste without any check. Taps are also a part of bathroom decoration.

So it proves that keeping the bathroom in good conditions improves the overall look and appearance of the home. So it is better to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. You should always keep LED replacement bulbs in your bathroom to ensure safety.