Useful Tips To Hide The Technical Defects Of A Room | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Do you know that there are some tricks, which could help you hide most of the technical defects in any room? Here are some of them:

  • If the room is too long, paint one of the walls in a warmer colour and the others could be in cold colours. The “warmer” wall will seem nearer and the room won’t look like a bowling lane. Put pictures on the walls and install shelves with pots of flowers to give the impression of warmth.
  • If the room is too short, you should do the opposite.
  • Paint one wall in a cold color and the others should be painted in warm colors. The cold wall will look further and the impression will be that your room has become larger. You can also put a mirror: its reflection will create a false impression that the room is much more spacious than in reality.
  • If the ceiling is too high, paint it in a darker color. It will look lower.
  • If the ceiling is too low, paint it in a lighter color than the walls.  Put a chandelier and a pale rug this will also boost the desired effect.
  • If the room does not have windows, choose a light glossy paint for the walls. Otherwise you risk accentuating on its shabbiness.
  • To fill the room with freshness and beauty, maintain the windows clean.
  • Thick soft carpets are preferable place for many mites. Have them cleaned once a month, and professionally treated at least once a year. The  carpet cleaners in South Chingford can help with that matter.

You can make the room look more interesting by using different materials in furniture, fabrics and decorative items. Make contrasts, like smooth surfaces with rough, matte colours compared to glossy ones. The shapes of objects take on big importance too. Choose items with interesting silhouettes to make your room really distinctive. Objects should complement each other in shape and colour.