Great Cleaning Methods for Commercial Carpets | Domestic Cleaning Tips

To be cleaned commercial carpets, it requires cleaning products that are only available for the cleaning companies serving. In order a deep cleaning to be done, it is required professional machinery and specialist to operate with it.

The Professional cleaners are provided by their employers only with highly concentrated cleaning solutions, sprays and finishes with high-powered cleaning machines for commercial use. They can extract the deepest of dirt and blemishes, and best suits for the job.

Depending on the level of dirtiness of the carpet is, and in what time the carpet area must be functional, different cleaning methods are applied. Before starting with the cleaning, the industrial carpet must be vacuumed from industrial vacuum machine.

If there are stains and spots, the carpet is being pre-treated with specific chemical agent. The remaining residue shall be removed when the cleaning process is on. Afterwards, the carpet must be sprayed with the right cleaning solution depending on the type of carpet laid. The agent that is used will reach deep down to the carpet’s padding and will remove any oils and greases. With special brushes, the carpet is agitated, in order to remove surface dirt and ensuring that the carpet is being cleaned deeply.

How Water Extraction Method

Often, this is the most used method in commercial areas and in public buildings. First, a deodorizing solutions is applied with high pressure into the carpet’s fibres. This is helping to loosen the most tough stains. Then the professional cleaning machine is extracting the hot water with the dirt of course from the carpet. With this method, the carpet will dry in short time and will leave it fresh and smelling nice. As for the corners and those hard to reach areas, are being used specially designed hand-tools and attachments.

Low Level of Moisture Carpet Cleaning

This kind of method is ideal for areas that can’t be wet washed. For instance, the older carpets which are made with jute for backing them, can tear apart the fibres of the carpet if it gets too wet. This kind of method is most cost-effective way wash carpets and may prolong the life of it. When this method is chosen, a moist cleaning agent is worked over the pile, by using an agitation machinery and then the carpets is being vacuumed after the drying.

The Encapsulation Process

This type of cleaning is using soft rotary brush combined with crystallising shampoo. When the chemicals are drying, they crystallise and encapsulate the grime and dirt, then they are easily removed with vacuum cleaner.

Inexperienced worker, can easily over-wet the carpet and ruin it. Thus it is very important only an experienced workers to carry out with this task.