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Posted by Roland McDonald in Cleaning & Organising

We are back with the second part of 10 Things To Expect While Remodelling Your Home. You can find the first part here. Now we know there is going to be dust, noise and some money concerns, but let’s see what else to expect in order to be prepared before starting your very own remodelling project.

5. One little victory

The time during remodelling is perfect to erase or demolish things you do not like in your home’s current appearance. For you, it can be the ugly vinyl floors in the kitchen, for others the bright green painted walls in the bathroom. Fixing what was wrong by your opinion is a little victory, enjoy it until it comes time for the payment.

4. Delays

We can’t control the weather, neither manufacturers can. Sometimes weather gets bad, snow falls, cars break down even people get sick. Therefore sometimes kitchen sink ordered from the factory take 10 weeks instead of seven. Most likely you and your contractor will be working from a schedule that assumes the world is a perfect place and nothing unexpected will happen. Knowing that there are things we can’t control will allow you to be more resilient when your schedule shifts a little.

3. Taking decisions

How high do you want that shower-head mounted to the wall? Where should this outlet be positioned? Where do you want the cabinet hardware to be mounted? Chrome or oil-rubbed, satin nickel or brushed nickel? Do you feel confused with all those questions? Prepare yourself for hundreds of questions that you’ll need to answer. You can authorize your architect to make the decisions for you. You just have to pick the right one who fully understand what you want.

2. Outliers

When the end is coming, it is normal one or two punch items to take longer to resolve than anything else. It can be the light fixture that arrives not working or the last piece of tile meant for your corridor way. The main thing is to get the final details right, even if they take longer than expected.

1. Time for party

We think that you probably expected that thing, but it is still as important as the others. To show off with your newly remodelled kitchen or living room is part of the game. Throw a party, invite your friends and share your remodelling story – the bad moments & the good ones.

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