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We’ve already viewed the great power of vodka as cleaning product. Have you tried it? If you thought that cleaning with vodka was weird, just wait for this one. Ketchup, mayonnaise and bread – forget their taste qualities, today we are going to look at them from a slightly different perspective. You will find a list of cleaning products you probably have around the house or in the refrigerator. In the end you will be surprised you had such an extraordinary cleaning collection.


You’ve just made yourself a cup of tea but someone interrupted before you were able to drink it. Now the tea is cold. Once knowing its taste while hot, you can make the difference when it is not. But don’t hurry to waste it! You can clean your wooden furnitures or floors with it. Black tea contains tannins which brings out the true colour in wood. The stronger the tea, the better effect it has. Also, tea is also good for rust removing. Soak the object in cold tea for an hour and then just wipe it.


To waste bread is marked as a sin, but we are far from wasting it without a good reason. Try to think of the bread as a sponge. Its high-proof absorption abilities make it the natural equivalent of synthetic sponges. Bread can be used for cleaning marks off the walls, dusting, soaking spills and wiping where nothing else is available. Just tear off the crusts, knead a slice of bread into a ball and wipe on the area that needs cleaning.


Surprisingly, its use is not only limited for sandwiches and salads. Mayonnaise is quite greasy, so don’t overuse it. Using a little bit, you can clean and polish wooden surfaces. Also, you can get rid of the spills and food stains off your floor. Yet, do not let it sit for too long. Even certain types of glue don’t have a chance against the mighty mayonnaise. Since it is primarily made of oil, it moistures the glue, letting you remove it with no pain at all.


Ketchup is great for polishing up anything made of brass or copper. There isn’t anything special that needs to be added to the ketchup before you start using it for cleaning purposes. Apply some ketchup sauce on the top of the object and leave it for a few minutes. Using a clean damp cloth rub in a circular motion on the areas you want to clean.


People do not realize how good abrasive can toothpaste be. It cleans our teeth so well, because of the small abrasive particles in it. Their presence in toothpaste will help you clean everything from shoes made of leather to piano keys. You can use it to remove carpet stains or fix badly scratched compact discs. Your bathroom mirror is fogged and you don’t have anything to defog it? Try with toothpaste.

We imagine that your first thoughts after reading this were to have a cup of tea and a sandwich. Now, you know what to do with the leftovers. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth after that.

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