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Posted by Roland McDonald in Eco-friendly cleaning ideas

Separate waste collection has been around for years and yet, I still encounter people who do not do this, even though it’s beneficial for the entire world. Yes, it’s easier to put no thought when throwing out your rubbish and lump it all together, but you’re not doing anyone any favours. Separate collection isn’t something trendy people to make sure they’re better than do so please don’t treat it with the same disdain. I’ll lay down the basics as to why you should convert to separate collection.

You’re Helping out Professionals

Recycling is the main drive behind the separate collection movement and you might be aware that waste removal services already separate rubbish on their own after collecting. But that’s a pricey endeavour that costs. Companies have to hire people that sort the rubbish in categories, which is a lengthy and unpleasant process that burns funds and takes too long to be effective. When you adopt the separate rubbish collection method, you save these companies time and effort, which in terms helps recycling.

You’re Giving Recycling a Helping Hand

Yes, recycling happens with or without your involvement, but when you actually put effort in doing the separation yourself and follow the guidelines, which you can find online, you help out in weeding out impure materials. For instance, although glass is valuable for recycling, stained and crushed glass seldom has value for re-melting and are sold cheaper, because they produce a very cheap material. Sorting your glass separately by colour and type, create a great effect when it comes to recycling later on and waste removal services are thankful for your work.

You Think about the Extent of Your Carbon Footprint

We’re used to throwing things out. It’s one of the first things we learn when growing up – the proper places to through what we don’t need any more. As you grow older, you nurture this habit until it becomes an instinct. Whatever is unwanted must go and that’s it, but that also means that people grow irresponsible or lax when it comes to rubbish. Engaging with your rubbish through separate collection allows you to actually think about what you’re doing with the things you own and how you behave as a consumer. This can alter what you buy and how you dispose of it in a better way. I mean, if you have to separate your rubbish and you seem to have a lot of rubbish, then you’ll work on cutting down the amount of rubbish you produce.

You Learn to Salvage and Repurpose

This is the next logical step when you actively think about the rubbish you produce. You get to think about what can be used later on, repurposed or given away. Jars, container, appliances that are still functioning and clothes are the biggest groups that can benefit from this. While repurposing is big, donation to those less fortunate is also a great means to solve this problem. You also eliminate the need to separate your rubbish as much and have to deal with rubbish removal services a lot less.

You see. Separate collection serves a great purpose and you can be a part of something much bigger – a movement that seeks to repair the planet.

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