Useful Tips on Cleaning Hardwood Floors | Domestic Cleaning Tips

If you have a hardwood floor in your living place, you for surely need a few tips on how to carry for it in the proper way, what are the supplies needed for the purpose and how often it needs cleaning. And here you are this helpful information.

As cleaners Chislehurst say this is not a difficult task if you know how to do it properly. First of all, remember that all the hardwood floors need often sweep with a broom. It’s better to use a fine soft broom to avoid scratches on the floor. If you prefer vacuuming the floors, do it no more than two times a week to get rid of the dirt. Have in mind that using or spilling water on a hardwood floor can ruin it, so remove it right away and dry completely. When mopping use a dry mop. If you have carpeted areas on the floor, vacuum regularly them.

For maintaining a hardwood floor, place floor mats near doors and entrances to prevent dirt tracking. Another advice is to avoid wearing shoos on heels when stepping on such floors. When it comes to cleaning under furniture – don’t drag them across this floor, use gliding pads to change their places.

Make sure, you know exactly what are the recommendations of the manufacturer and you follow them in the prescribed way if you don’t want to ruin your hardwood floor. If it needs some specific procedures from time to time such as waxing for example, do them in the way they are mentioned.