Does Your Rusty Old Furniture Worth Refinishing? | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Metal furniture has one major problem- it gets rusty over time. And while rust may look cool on some items, on other it looks rather unpleasant. So, the real question with metal furniture is: Is it worth refinishing? And if the answer is yes, how much will it cost in time and effort?

Leave the Item the Way It Is

Using old metal pieces for decoration is really hot right now. Items, such as old rusty metal benches, chairs, and signs, are used by more and more people to give their homes a contemporary look. So, before you go and refinish your metal furniture, consider whether they can’t be used the way they are, with all the rust and missing paint on them.

Old metal pieces, such as candlesticks, and brass and metal beds, would have much greater value if kept with their vintage look rather than refinished. If you can’t incorporate them into your interior or exterior décor, you might want to get rid of them by selling them or calling a furniture disposal London company to take them away.

Deal With the Rust

While old candlesticks can be left untouched, other metal furniture will require improving. Some pieces are too dangerous to be left with rusty edges! If you want them refinished, make sure you have removed all the rust first. Depending on the size and count of the items, the job may take from a couple of hours to several weeks, so, be prepared to sacrifice a few weekends if needed!

For the first round, you will need a wire brush. Scrub the rusty surface until you get down to new, clean metal, then use 60- to 80-grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface. It takes a great amount of work to remove rust. If you can’t handle the elbow grease, consider taking your metal pieces to a professional for sandblasting. You could find such a professional in the phone book, or at an auto body shop. Professional sandblasting could cost up to a few hundred pounds depending on the condition of your metal furniture.

Make Your Metal Furniture Look Good as New

Once the rust has been removed, all it remains is to paint your metal pieces. Use a spray paint designed specifically for old rusty metal or previously painted surfaces. Make sure you follow the instructions on the can strictly. Pay special attention to the time required before a new coat of paint can be applied. Apply two coats of primer followed by two coats of color to ensure durability. It’s time consuming, but the result will be amazing.

If you love seeing your personal touch around your home, refinishing a piece of metal furniture yourself can certainly worth it. However, this could be costly, and if the look is the only thing you are going for, you might be better if choose a stylish reproduction or refurb instead.