Stick to the Lips: Lipstick Cleaning Tips | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Lipstick is meant to stay on your lips, not on your clothes. However, if you need to deal with those kind of stains, here are some useful lipstick cleaning tips.

We hope for your sake, the lipstick isn’t on your man’s collar, because if it’s not your colour, he is probably cheating on you. Let’s set that aside and assume the lipstick is yours. That means you are responsible for the collar stain and now you have to deal with it by yourself too. According to professional cleaners Golders Green men don’t do laundering anyway.

Every woman owns hairspray, unfortunately not every woman knows, it can be used for other than fixing your hair. Spray lipstick marks with it and kiss them goodbye. Apply this beauty product on the mark, let it sit for several minutes and wipe it off after. The lipstick stain should be lifted together with the hair spray. Wash as usual after.

No need to tape your mouth, so that your lipstick won’t come off and stain your clothes. Better use the tape to remove the already stained garments. Put a piece of masking tape on the spot and rip it off. The colour should stick to the tape. In case there are still visible lipstick traces, sprinkle some talcum powder and dab it, until the results are enough satisfying for you. Try this lipstick cleaning tip, if it works, you will spare the money you usually give for dry-cleaning.

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