Dusty and dirty home? Put an end

When it comes to cleaning our home it’s important to give it 100% because we want to feel comfortable in our environment and that requires regular upkeep. This could mean you clean at home every day, maybe 2-3 times a week or as often as you have time to. However we don’t always get every nook and cranny and with time these little details we miss can really build up. Before you know it you might have piles of dust on your light fixtures or dried up oil stains inside your oven and maybe even food spills inside of your refrigerator. This is when you need a Deep Kitchen Cleaning service from VIP Cleaning London.

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What does this type of home cleaning include

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Every couple of months or twice a year it would be good for a team of expert cleaners to come in your home with professional equipment and chemicals and treat you to a refreshing kitchen transformation. They will clean all your appliances, kitchenware, upholstery, cabinetry as well as treat any type of materials used in the making of the kitchen with special attention. Here is what the Deep Kitchen Cleaning service includes:

  • Complete dust removal- on top of upper cabinets, behind lower cabinets as well as inside, lighting fixtures and polishing of all wood and handles
  • Cleaning of all electrical appliances;
  • Oven external and internal cleaning, degreasing, refreshing and complete removal of all stains;
  • Refrigerator external and internal cleaning;
  • Freezer cleaning, disinfecting and refreshing;

Please keep in mind to plug out your fridge 48 hours before the cleaning team comes in and dispose of all the items inside. Another cleaning service you may book is:

  • Microwave external and internal cleaning, degreasing and refreshing;
  • Extractor external and internal cleaning of the grate, filters, hood and fans and degreasing;
  • Cleaning of your washing machine – filters, the detergent compartment and the inside drum;
  • Cleaning of your dishwashing machine- inside and out as well as the filters etc.
  • Cleaning of countertops and upper and lower cabinets; 
  • Cleaning of the sink and taps – removing limestone and mold, disinfecting and cleaning the drain;
  • Floor cleaning ‘
  • Vacuuming any carpets and rugs, mopping and polishing woods and tiles with special chemicals etc.

With such a thorough cleaning program and expert team as well as the many years of experience in the field you can be sure to trust VIP Cleaning London for your kitchen as well as the rest of your home. The company provides a lot of services in this area and can offer you competitive prices, guarantee in quality and the right attitude towards the client. If you need your backyard patio cleaned after the ending of the winter season for example or you need to clean up after a big home party or you need your entire upholstery refreshed then this is the company for you. They do it all.


We all want our kitchen to be spanking clean because this is the place where we prepare our food. If you have a small kitchen or a big kitchen that doesn’t matter -dirty is dirty and when you like to cook and spend a lot of time in your cooking area things can get quite messy. Getting a monthly or yearly subscription or just calling professionals whenever you feel like it will go a long way to help you maintain the longevity of your kitchen- the appliances, cabinets and upholstery and it will also relieve you of hours of toxic fumes, scrubbing and uncomfortable positions to clean every inch of the space unlike the experts who know how to do it easily, quickly and thoroughly. Trust VIP Cleaning London and see for yourself what the meaning of a professional service is.