Why next time book professional deep cleaning

Your house, apartment or place you live is the most important space because this is where you spend most of your time, where you feel most comfortable and where you go back to every day to relax. Naturally you must want that place of comfort and happy feelings to be nice and clean so that you can feel at home as much as possible. VIP Cleaning London knows that you probably spend a lot of time and effort to keep your house neat and tidy doing overall cleaning a few times a week or even every day but they can also tell you that this is not enough. Periodically, maybe once every six months it is recommended to do a Deep House Cleaning of your property to get every spot, little nook and cranny that you wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis. This is where the company steps in.

VIP Cleaning London is a company with many years of professional experience in the cleaning field with the right attention to detail and the best respect for customer’s needs. We can send a team of cleaners to turn over every piece of furniture and equipment in your house or apartment and clean every square meter.

Kitchen cleaning

Кухня, Интериорен Дизайн, Стая, Начало, Интериор

Kitchen cleaning is a must. Vip Cleaning London will perform for you:

  • External cleaning of your oven;
  • Stove;
  • External and internal microwave cleaning;
  • Extractor;
  • Small appliances (toaster or small grill);
  • External cleaning of the refrigerator;
  • External and internal deep cleaning of your dishwasher as well as the filter;
  • Thorough counter and cabined cleaning;
  • Cleaning of your sink;
  • Disinfection of all appliances and countertops.

Stay home and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere – cozy, beautiful and pleasant.

Bathroom and toilet cleaning

Кърпа, Бяло, Почистване, Хигиена, Тоалетна, Баня

This part of every home is very important to our daily relaxation. Book now:

  • Thorough cleaning of shower or shower cabin;
  • Cleaning of a bathtub or jacuzzi;
  • Cleaning of vanity, sink and mirrors;
  • Removing limestone from all taps, showerheads, tiles and toilet;
  • Thorough antibacterial cleaning of the toilet;
  • Scrubbing tiles or other type of flooring from mold and limestone;
  • Cleaning of any cabinets or other storage;
  • External and internal cleaning of your washing and drying machine;
  • Disinfection of all furniture and appliances.

It is important to note that soft furniture, curtains and mattresses are only cleaned by vacuuming. If you want to do extra steam cleaning, upholstery washing and perfuming you can pay extra and get these services done.

Cleaning of living and sleeping areas

Закрит, Начало, Интериор, Стая, Маса, Мебели

Bedroom cleaning is an integral part of every home. Its cleaning must be deep and effectively:

  • Wiping down doors and doorframes;
  • Dusting all furniture and cleaning cobwebs;
  • Entertainment appliances- television, stereo, DVD player, speakers;
  • Vacuuming and cleaning radiators;
  • Vacuuming all soft furniture (sofas, armchairs, stools, mattresses) etc.

Pay attention to every single element and detail for best results.

Reasons to trust the professionals

There are a lot of reasons to trust particularly VIP Cleaning London. They use the best equipment and all of their staff members have undergone excessive training on how to use the different machines and chemicals- they know what detergent to use and where to use it to make all stains disappear. They will also clean your home regardless of the size of the area, how dirty it is or how long it is going to take. They will give you the best price on the market for a very high- quality service with no compromise. Any remarks that you have for the cleaners and the quality of the service you can address them on the spot and they will make sure to complete your requests.