How to Make a Home Yoga Studio?

The best place to practice yoga is outside, but this is not always possible. Make yourself a relaxing home studio instead.

Nowadays we live in great stress – different studies show, that we work under enormous pressure, don’t sleep enough – neither adults nor children, especially in developed countries. This is why many people are searching for some kind of relief – both physical and spiritual and find it in yoga practice. There are plenty of different kinds of yoga schools and studios today, but some people don’t feel very good in these mass-classes and stop trying. But this isn’t necessary – you can simply create cozy yoga place at the comfort of you home. Here are a few important cornerstones how to do it – healthy, cozy and easy to clean and maintain at the same time:

Choose the Right Spot

Finding a proper place is very important to feel comfortable and relaxed. This may be your bed or your living area, if you live in small apartment or you can transform a whole room into your yoga place if you are in a house. During the summer your garden or backyard can do a perfect job, unless you have too curious neighbours. Below are several important factors you should take in mind, when choosing the right place:

  • There should be enough space. Or you’ll need to create it. Some of the Asana positions require to be able to move your body freely around the room.
  • Choose a bright place, near a window if possible. You can always add additional lighting, but nothing compares with the natural one.
  • The optimal time of day to do really qualitative yoga and meditate is the morning. So if you are an early bird, choose a place that is oriented to the East, to catch the sunlight.

Furniture and Flooring

The carpet at your yoga area shouldn’t be too thick, but it’s good to have extra pillow for some positions.

Honestly said, if you want to do yoga you really need much. There is great variety of specialised furniture, accessories, lamps, candles and scented oils, but they are only eye candies, at least most of the cases. If you really want to get some good atmosphere you can still light a candle or scented sticks. Actually there are no rules, the only thing that matters is to feel natural at your place for yoga.

What is really important for your practice is comfort. There are however certain items such as bolsters and other pillows. These items can assist you in the beginning with the more difficult positions until you don’t need them. Pillows are also good for longer meditation if you want to avoid bruises and bone pain. You can however put a shelf or a cabinet to keep clean towels and dry clothes as you may need them near you.

Flooring is a corner stone in yoga practice – you should be stable enough but floor doesn’t have to be too hard to avoid injuries, especially if you’re a beginner. If you are lucky enough the room that you’ve chosen is with wood floor or laminate, since these materials are soft enough and easy on your ankles and knees. With wooden floor all you need is a yoga mat. If you have a hard floor, other than wood, you may consider putting another layer, or even small rug under your yoga mat, to soften the surface. On the other hand Your flooring shouldn’t be too soft, in order to keep your balance. If the room you’ve chosen has shag carpet you’ll need to place a wooden or bamboo plank between the carpet and your yoga mat.

The material of your mat is another thing you should consider. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, don’t go for the standard yoga mats. Pick one made from natural rubber, or if you cannot find, such, you can take a small rug, made from natural materials – cotton is the best possible option -it’s soft and won’t irritate your skin the way wool will.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance to Home Yoga Place

The adequate cleaning of the carpets and floor of your home yoga studio is very important for good hygiene and health which are key issue not for yoga, but for any other spiritual doctrine. This is why you have to keep your home and particularly your yoga place impeccably clean. Standard vacuuming and cleaning aren’t enough for this spot, especially for the area where you do the asana positions. Your skin and body will be in contact with the flooring there which means you should think about proper sanitizing. Buying a steam cleaning tool for domestic need is a must – hot water vapor eliminates all microbes, dust mites, germs and harmful bacteria. You can use this cleaner for almost everything around the house with great result, so it wouldn’t be a extravagant purchase but useful household item.

As you can see it is not hard to make yourself a nice cozy yoga spot at home and practice in peace. Many yoga teacher recommend to be minimalistic, when choosing materials and furniture. Remove or cover the mirrors to avoid distractions and enjoy the healing and recreational power of yoga.

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