6 Steps For A Cheap Living Room Makeover | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Who says home improvement has to be a costly luxury? If you’re on a budget in times of a financial crisis or concerned about your employment, then interior renovation will probably be among the last things on your mind. But to give your living room a makeover would be a pleasant distraction from everyday headache-giving concerns. And the best part is you can do it and sustain your budget at the same time. Why don’t we start with…

#1. More Space!

Take a good look at your living room. Is there an item or furniture piece which you can remove? If the place looks a little cluttered, then all you need to do is throw away the items you don’t use at all. Sometimes, this alone is enough to give your living room a new look, especially if you rearrange the furniture in a more proficient manner. This applies for your floor coverings as well. During the warm months of the year, you can roll up your carpets and put them in the closet. This way you will minimize your cleaning duties as well.

#2. A Lick Of Colour Is All It Takes!

When money is an issue, you can sate your lust for interior renovation with a few cans of paint a brush. To give your living room a personalised and homey style, you can match corresponding colour schemes and apply them to walls and floors. But in case you don’t feel very Picasso with a paint brush in your hand, there are alternative ways to add more colour to your interior…

It’s okay to add a neutral furnish to a room as long as you don’t overdo it. You can use carpets, area rugs, cushions, curtains and throws to garnish the room. But sometimes less is more so embellish your dwelling with items you are absolutely sure will compliment the interior, rather than clutter it up. There is a perfect balance rule you should follow for optimal results. A room shouldn’t have more than three primary colours. Also, they should be equally distributed.

#3. Accessories!

Different accessories and how you’ve arranged them play an important part when it comes to balance of colours and symmetry. So how do you match these items with the already existing colour schemes of the living room? Well, you make sure they are in one of your primary colours. If you distribute your lamps, candle holders and pictures the right way, you can transfer a colour to an area of the room where it isn’t represented at all.

#4. The Right Lighting!

Your living room is a stage. And what’s a stage without the proper lighting? Think of what atmosphere your living room gives out – a more lively or relaxed one? If you’d describe it as a chill out zone, then you better think of a way to dim the bulb a little bit. The simplest thing you can do is to wrap a scarf around the chandelier.

#5. Maybe A Thorough Cleanup Is All It Takes?

When was the last time you gave your living room a deep cleaning? In time, walls, furniture and floor coverings start to look a little dull thanks to accumulated filth and dust. According to expert providers of carpet cleaning, a deep washing of your floor coverings will brighten up their appearance. The same applies for your upholstered furniture, walls and surfaces.

#6. Oven Door Lube

There is no need to spend extra for spare parts or expensive professional machine oils when your old oven door needs maintenance. Grab a bottle of lube and apply on the antlers. According to oven cleaning London professionals this is faster, cheaper and because the lube is made of organic materials, it’s greener solution either. On top of all, what type of oven you have is irrelevant to the achieved results.

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