How to Maintain Your Dishwasher: Do’s and Don’ts | Domestic Cleaning Tips


When you decide to invest in a dishwasher, you need to make sure that it does all the things you want it to as well as keep it running like new. Use the guide below to make sure you get all the benefits from owning one:

Tip #1: It’s a good idea to run the hot water before starting as this allows your first cycle to be filled with hot water which can save you time and money. Use the right cycle for your wash as altering the temperature means that you may end up hand washing the ends with dirty bits left on. Don’t double up on the rinsing aid, and do test your water so that softeners can be added to hard water to ensure the perfect clean.

Tip #2: There are several basic lessons to learn to load the dishwasher properly. If you’re going to leave dishes sitting in there all day without a wash, you should pre rinse them, but you can scrape food residues off for an immediate wash cycle. Any bits of plastic should be made secure so that they don’t come away and melt on the heating element. Load all plates and bowls with the dirty side facing the water spray, and pots and pans should be angled down. Place handles up and down on forks and spoons so that the water can reach all surfaces.

Tip #3: Glassware and ovenware can be washed as long as they carry a dishwasher safe label. Don’t put in hand painted or heavily glazed tableware. Try not to mix silver cutlery with stainless steel as it may react, and wash cast iron and wooden handled items by hand. Plates and glasses shouldn’t be touching and there is a special basket for your cutlery.

Tip #4: Make sure you keep the seals clean by rubbing them with a damp cloth to keep the sticky residues particularly around the door seal at bay. Bits of food may get trapped under the lower sprayer. You may be able to remove the tray and rinse it under the tap, or again use a damp cloth to remove any build up.

Tip #5: Once you’ve chosen your appliance and had it delivered, you should call a local handyman to come and plumb it in for you. He’ll have the skills and experience as well as all the right tools to do the job quickly and easily for you. If there are any problems he’ll be able to confidently fix them for you too.