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Whether you have realised that the current wall colours are no more in fashion or you are simple bored of the very old and dull look it’s never too late to decide upon revamping your house for a fresh look. Remodelling can help increase the space in your house by adding an extra room in the veranda for example or it can greatly improve up the decor with replacement of worn out surfaces, it’s a great step and should be taken with careful planning.

You have probably heard about how Kickstarter has given creators and fans the chance to create products and projects they would otherwise never find out in the commercial life. Some people have dismissed this as a mere trend. Others have swore it to be the future. Whatever you might think about it, you can’t deny that people get really creative with the platform, because you would never find a more colourful campaign about something as ubiquitous pyjamas.

Many homeowners have certain things they want to do on their homes before the winter season starts. Here are some things to start with.

Bathrooms are in fact the most neglected parts of any home. This negligence is because of the reason that it is a place where we spend a very little part of our daily life. We think that it is place which doesn’t need to be paid any attention, but we are totally wrong. Even though we spend less than 4% of our daily time in bathroom, it is very much necessary to take measures to bathroom decoration also. Let us see them all in detail now.

When it comes to interior design, bathrooms are often neglected and treated as purely functional spaces, despite the fact that some people spend a considerable amount of time in there. Take a look at some of these better bathroom ideas you can experiment with to bring a new wave of life to a tired bathroom.

We put a lot of effort in making our home look appealing; we add interesting furniture and bring in expensive decorative items because a good looking house is not just to show off but to provide comfort. Walls are an important part of the house and if empty they can tend to make the entire space look dull and boring. They can be painted over in bold colour or photographs can be hanged, but here are some unique ideas that you can try for differentiation and added decor…