How to have a well maintained store relying on external cleaning companies

If you are a business owner and more particularly a retail store owner? If that’s true then I suppose it’s very important to you to have a neat, organized and most of all tidy and spanking clean space. Employees probably do some of the cleaning around the store as each one of them is responsible for keeping their own working area neat but with time and no regular upkeep dust and dirt can build up and cost you your reputation with clients. As the retail outlet’s owner it is your main task to keep the highest level of hygiene in the space. And who can do it better than a professional cleaning company like VIP Cleaning London?

What can we offer you

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With many years of experience in the field and a big variety of services they are the right way to go. Attention to detail, competitive prices and kind attitude- these are some of the things you will receive when you are in contact with the firm. If you are still hesitant have a look at the things included in Retail cleaning:

  • Cleaning of all internal doors, doorframes and windows (glass and frames);
  • Cleaning and polishing of all light fixtures, advertising signs, shelves, display racks;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all toilets, sinks, common spaces, tiles;
  • Thorough cleaning of changing rooms, curtains, mirrors, flooring, seating and light fixtures;
  • Cleaning of corridors, common spaces, staircases and railings;
  • Careful cleaning of all plugs, sockets, light switches;
  • Vacuuming all flooring in the outlet (wood, tiles, carpeting, linoleum) and mopping the necessary surfaces. If necessary, you can talk to the company for adding a Carpet Cleaning service If your carpets have not been washed for a while and they are visibly in need of a good wash.

Take advantage of these amazing services and impress your visitors.

Vip Cleaning London

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The company is very flexible when it comes to visiting you, the duration of the service and the convenience. Whenever you decide is most convenient for you that’s when VIP Cleaning London will be there. The firm works 24/7 so they can come before opening hours, after, on a closed day or after construction. You can hire them for a one- time session or you can subscribe to a regular visitation from the experts. With a regular subscription and with every visit you will get:

  • Ventilation of all indoor halls, common grounds, storage rooms and toilets;
  • Cleaning all windows, mirrors and sills;
  • Hallways, stairways and rails polished, dusted and cleaned up;
  • Vacuuming all flooring and using antibacterial detergent to mop;
  • Cleaning and disinfection in the toilets, storage and changing rooms;
  • Taking your trash to your place of choice or disposing it and putting in fresh trash bags;
  • Air refreshing that will last until the next time of cleanup;
  • Cleaning of your advertisement boards and signs, display cases, racks and polishing.

They will make your space ready for customers that day or the next day. They will help you to deal with the mess that customers tend to make after a busy day. Customers can never value your business as you can but they can appreciate when you put effort into the vision and esthetics of your place of work and with this cleaning company you get what you pay for which is no compromise to quality, spending the right attention to detail not leaving a place to not be cleaned.

All of this done at a time convenient for you every week, month or couple of days. Book your retail outlet cleaning and have everybody in town talking about how nice and tidy your store is. Be a retailer for example and never miss a detailed cleaning shop. Vip Cleaning London will help you get the results you’re looking for!