How clean the fridge with easy and for less

Every household has a refrigerator where we store our food, drinks and frozen goods. Sometimes we forget that a certain item has been in there for a long time and it starts to go bad and give off a bad smell. Sometimes a meal or drink will spill inside and you can wipe it but leave out some spots and with time that will really build up to a dirty fridge. Goods have expiration dates and if you leave something in there for too long it will start to get moldy which is not very safe for the rest of your food. Getting your refrigerator and freezer cleaned often will help the appliance have a longer life it will also help you to maintain your foods and drinks fresh for longer and it will eliminate the unpleasant odor that comes with spoilt food.

Best cleaning methods

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Animal products and fresh produce especially fruit tend to go bad really fast and they smell very strong when they expire so if you like consuming a lot of dairy then you should pay extra attention to those products. VIP Cleaning London understands all these things and their cleaning experts are here to help you with this annoying and time-consuming task. Book Fridge Cleaning for less.

This is only one of many cleaning services provided by this company, of course if you feel there is need you can hire a team to clean every electrical appliance in your kitchen from head to toe but if only your fridge is in special need of cleaning then that is what they will do. Make your appointment by contacting the company for a monthly or weekly subscription or a one- time deep clean and choose a convenient time for them to visit your location.

Make sure you unplug your refrigerator 48 hours before the team arrives, take out all your foods and drinks so it’s completely empty and defrost the freezer. They will take care of all the rest.

  • Spraying all surfaces with disinfecting chemical to kill off bacteria before the cleaning starts;
  • Treating any existing mold with protective equipment;
  • Removing all the shelves and drawers from inside the fridge;
  • Spraying, scrubbing and disinfecting the inside and outside of the fridge and freezer;
  • After washing everything and drying off it is arranged back into place and the refrigerator can be set back to its original temperature.

The team of professional cleaners use special detergents necessary for the job to treat even the most stubborn spots, they pay close attention do detail to make sure nothing is missed and they will spend as much time as is needed even if that exceeds the arrangement made after the initial check. They will come in before the scheduled cleanup to assess the condition of the appliance but if any extra things come up they will react accordingly and come up with the best solution and if there is extra costs they will give you the best deal.

Why clean regularly

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Taking care of your fridge’s hygiene is very important for the longer preservation of the produce and the longevity of the appliance. Because of the build up and dangerous bacteria that gathers as well as mold that sticks in the rubber tubes along the fridge it is advisable to get it cleaned at least once a month. Getting a subscription is the smartest choice as that reduces the price per visit significantly. It will also save you a lot of time as due to the many years of experience the cleaners can now perform this service blindfolded and following their usual routine they do it quickly and efficiently.

Contact VIP Cleaning London today and book one of our countless cleaning services to make your house shining again. Get the Fridge and Freezer Cleaning service and bring your refrigerator back to life.