Looking for a complex home service? You have already found it

Property maintenance, cleaning, small and big renovations, gardening and many other duties that we have as home owners are part of the responsibilities we encounter. It’s always a challenge when you have to think about these chores, organize yourself and get the job done. It costs you time, materials, efforts and the outcome aren’t going to be the best as hard as you try, because it just takes professionals for guaranteed results.

Two Lions 11 Ltd – for your upkeeping needs

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You might think that nobody will treat your property with the same care and vision as you but Two Lions 11 Ltd teaches its employees that every customer’s view and requirement should be respected and taken into account to get the best results possible and a satisfied client. It’s also a goal of theirs to be prompt, on time and well equipped for the job at hand with the best tools and materials on the market. If you have decided to go for a professional company for your upkeeping needs and you are looking for the best one here is a list of reasons to trust Two Lions 11’s services:

  • Booking is easy – the firm works around the clock to provide available appointments for all customers, they stick to appointed times and make initial inspections to give you a price;
  • Trustworthy handymen – all employees go through extensive training have experience in their field and are taught to value customers’ opinions. These are people you can trust;
  • Best equipment – the company uses only high – quality materials and the newest equipment for a safe and durable renovation.

Forget about the hassle around planning a renovation, shopping for supplies and spending your free time in sweat and physical job which you are not expert in.

Best solutions in one place

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Your worries end with a phone call to the real people meant for this job. Here are the cases in which you can contact Two Lions 11.  If you are in need of:

  • Property maintenance – whether you are a landlord or a tenant you will need general upkeep in your building. Part of what this service includes is roofing, drainage, plumbing, carpentry, etc.;
  • Painting and decorating – this is a detailed job that takes a steady hand and creative mind. Whether you have a design in mind or you need help coming up with one this service is perfect for your refreshing renovation;
  • Bathroom design and fitting – tiles, shower cabins, accessories – designing a bathroom is time – consuming, requires attention to detail and many choices. Taking your ideas and choosing the right materials and elements that fit well together makes for a successful job by the experts;
  • Handyman – in case you need ceiling repair, installation or repair of doors, windows, countertops, sprinklers, appliances, etc. If you don’t have the needed materials for the job, the company can provide them for you with a discount price;
  • Carpentry – fixing or building wooden furniture, creating unique models from experienced workers at competitive prices. What more could you wish for? Two Lions 11’s carpentry service makes sure you get the furniture you want and need to fit perfectly into your home;
  • Pest control – getting rid of the nasty imposters is a very tedious problem to have and almost always imposes the work of professional exterminators to be successfully removed. Making sure their results are long – lasting, they make the necessary number of visits, use the best equipment and are always available in further invasions;
  • Gardening – maintaining your green space or completely giving it a makeover is important to have a pleasant resting outdoor area. Give the gardeners your vision and they will bring it to life;
  • Waste disposal – Disposing all the leftover waste for a small additional charge. It can be performed as a separate service or combined with one of the other ones offered by the company.

If you are located in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan and the surrounding areas Two Lions 11 is your local maintenance company. Whatever you need, regarding your property’s upkeep and renovations they have the tools and professionals to do it. They will respect your vision and aim to do their job according to your satisfaction.