Clean Your Air Mattress in 4 Steps | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Air mattresses are among the most compact and therefore useful alternative of furniture. They can be inflated for less than a minute, and are certainly perfect for unexpected guests. In addition , they are easy to take care of.   Here are four simple steps to clean your air mattress in a matter of minutes.


Pre-step: Prepare your cleaning tools. You will need a vacuum cleaning machine, 2 clean clothes (rags ) and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. These are the main tools you will work with.

#1. Take the sheets off your bed. Obvious but important step if you want to clean your air mattress the right way.

#2. Vacuum the mattress surface. Install the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and go over the mattress surface with it to collect any dirt particles and accumulated dust.

#3. Wipe the air mattress down with rubbing alcohol. Damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol,  and go over the whole mattress surface. Don’t hesitate to scrub harder on heavily-soiled areas. Air mattresses are tough enough to handle your firm scrubbing.

#4. Wipe the air mattress down with a damp cloth to get rid of the strong alcohol odor.

Note: Professional mattress cleaners recommend using only damp clothes, not soaking wet.

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