Clean Up Burnt Sugar on Cooking Pans


There is always a possibility to forget the sugar for too long in your frying pan and the consequences are a large black spot that’s very difficult to remove. In this article we’ll talk about how to remove this spot and get back to cooking as soon as possible.

Many experts at a cleaning agency in London advise that you never scrub a non-stick surface with a scrubbing pad or other scrubbing tools.

This will damage the non-stick surface and you’ll have a lot of headaches afterwards.

To safely remove the burned residue you’ll first have to cover the stain with hydrogen peroxide. Add such a quantity that will allow it to boil and not evaporate too quickly. Heat the hydrogen peroxide until it dissolves the stain. It should melt right away.

If this doesn’t work we’ll try with another recipe. Pour some dish detergent in the pan and fill it with hot water. Leave the pan overnight so the solution loosens the stain. In the morning wipe the pan with a sponge and try to remove the burnt sugar.

Third recipe is if the first two recipes fail to clean the stain. Put some water in another pan and bring to a boil. Add two or three tablespoons of baking soda and pour the solution in the burned pan. Leave it for a couple of minutes to cool off. After that try to remove the sugar stain with a sponge or a soft bristled brush.

These tips should be sufficient for removing the stubborn stain. And if you have any other questions that concern the cleanliness of your house, call at a cleaning agency in London and ask for help and advice.

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