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Many homeowners have certain things they want to do on their homes before the winter season starts. Here are some things to start with.

Re-painting (interior)

Many homes have been painted, however it may look work or old, may have dings or scratches; or, you may just want to change the color and feel of each room. The color of paint you choose for a room is very important because the color determines the rooms’ atmosphere. For example, the color purple is known to be a depressing color, so if you want purple in one room, make it only one wall. You may think this is strange, however, two or even three colors in one room gives off a fun, adventurous vibe, and it is very beautiful once all put together. Just be sure to choose colors that do not clash with one another!

Re-painting (exterior)

Re-painting the outside of your home is very hard, in addition to dangerous (especially if you have more than one level), so be sure to hire professionals! For the outside, you do not want to choose a “crazy” color, such as pink or purple. Going with a neutral color is probably the best option because it will not stand out from all the other houses in a bad way.


Landscaping and gardening is an excellent idea to improve the look of your home! Remember, the outside of your home is everyone’s first impression of your house. You could have the interior completely renovated and “dreamy”, however if the outside does not match, no one would assume the inside. Just be sure to learn about the kind of flowers and/or bushes you plant; you would not want to plant flowers only to have them die!

New Carpet or Flooring

If you have carpet in your home, you will know that it is very important to keep it clean (especially if you have animals in the home)! If the carpet looks old and pressed down, you may want to think about getting it replaced with something new and fresh! You can try many different options if you have hardwood floors or tile floors. If you do not want to spend the money on new hardwood or tile floors, you can purchase rugs.

Rugs are the perfect “hiding place” for old floorboards, or stained tiles. Be sure you read about where you should and should not place rugs; there are many things people do not realize about rugs when they purchase them! In addition, be sure you choose a rug that coordinates with the style of the room. For example, if the rooms’ style is oriental, you can easily buy any oriental rug. If your rooms’ style is plain or neutral, choose something that is whimsical, such as a Klaus Haapaniemi rug! They  are fun, adventurous, different, and mysterious. They will go perfectly with a room that is brown or any neutral color. Klaus Haapaniemi rugs would not go well in a room where there is busy paint and furniture because the eye will get overwhelmed. Keep in mind that a rug should always be the centerpiece of the room!

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