7 Benefits of Decluttering | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Decluttering your house is a chore. It takes time to go through all the stacks, piles, boxes and bins. You may wonder if it is even worth it. Before you decide that the daunting task is just too much work, consider the many benefits of decluttering. Focusing on these advantages will help you find the energy to start tackling the mountains of stuff and reclaim your happy home. Here are 7 benefits of decluttering.

  1. Fewer Pests. Pest like spiders, ants, roaches and bedbugs need places to hide, and your clutter is perfect for nesting down and hiding out. Exterminators always advise people to eliminate all the piles of junk when they are battling an infestation. It makes treatments more effective, and it makes your home less appealing to the unwanted critters.
  2. A Larger Home. The fastest way to enjoy a bigger home is to get rid of some stuff. When you lose the stuff you don’t need, you will have more space for the things your truly love. It is amazing how large a room looks when it is clean and free of clutter. Give yourself this gift by getting started today.
  3. Improve Your Finances. Clutter isn’t just making your home less attractive; it is also actually costing you money. How many times have you picked something up and discovered it was broken or damaged? That’s a huge waste of money. How often do you have to buy something you know you have, but you cannot find it in the clutter? That’s another waste of money. A book you’ve read can be sold to someone else, but that’s impossible if it is just sitting in a stack of paper somewhere. As you clean up the house, sell the items you no longer want to make some extra cash.
  4. Effective House Maintenance. People are unaware of the problems clutter can hide. A stack of books in the corner could be hiding a water leak and mold. When you cannot get to areas of the house, you cannot perform repairs and keep up with household maintenance.
  5. Reduce Stress. Everyone loves a nice clean environment, and part of the reason is because it helps you relax and stay calm. When your home is cluttered and filled with junk, it is hard for you to ever really relax and unwind. Your stress level gradually increases, and that’s not good for your health.
  6. Generosity Feels Good. If you have lots of nice things that you just don’t use anymore, then being generous will feel great. You can sell the items for extra cash, or you can give them to people you care about. Another option is to donate them and take the tax write-off at the end of the year. You will feel great knowing that your generosity has helped others, and you will enjoy a clean house in the process.
  7. Save Time Every Day. The piles of clutter start turning into black holes over time. You know that you have a certain item, but you will spend hours searching for it with no luck. Not only you are wasting time by having to buy another one, but you are also wasting money.

When you start eliminating clutter, organization will follow. There will be space in the closets, cabinets and dressers, so you can find a home for all the items you care about. The next time you need a certain tool or pair of shoes, you will be able to find it in record time.