Four Speed Cleaning Tips and Tricks | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Before you begin cleaning each and every room in your house, I want to share some of my cleaning secrets. You may already use these tips or you may discover one that you have never heard of before. Either way, these tips are designed to help you clean as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Let the Cleaning Solutions Work for You

The first tip that we are going to discuss, is to let the cleaning solutions work for you. Many times we see people fighting to remove stains and grime. They will spray cleaning solution on the stain and vigorously try to remove it. You need to learn to multitask and let the cleaner work for you, not the other way around. Spray the cleaner and allow it to soak in and break down the stain or dirt. This will allow you to focus your attention on cleaning other areas of the room.

Invest in Proper Tools

In order to cut your cleaning time in half, you need to make sure you have the proper tools. If your mop is broken or your dust pan is falling apart, take the time to invest in new cleaning equipment. Make sure you also have the best cleaning solutions available. Multiple sponges and rags are also a necessity if you are going to cut down your time cleaning. Nothing kills momentum faster than having to drive to the store in order to purchase new cleaning supplies. So please make sure you are prepared and you have the necessary tools to complete the job.

Keep Your Tools Handy

One reason that can slow you down is not having access to your tools when you need them. You will go from one side of the house to another just to get a trash bag or another roll of paper towels. You can waste a great deal of time and momentum if you are moving back and forth through your house picking up different cleaning supplies. I recommend investing in a carrier or a plastic milk box. This will allow you to easily move all your supplies around the house and you will always have the the tools you need right beside you.

Get in the Zone with Pump Up Music

Cleaning can be tiresome and boring for any housekeeper, that’s why I suggest you pumping yourself and getting in the zone with music. Music can energize you and keep your mind focused on the task at hand.