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You may feel a little bit nervous, if you’ve never tried to remodel a part of your home. When mentioning the word “remodel”, probably questions like ‘how much will it cost’ or ‘how long will it take‘ jump inside your head. Between the large expense and the excitement of anticipating your finished project, it’s hard not to feel a little tense. To know what to expect will help you fight your fears and to be prepared for what is to come.

10. Dust

Dust is literally everywhere. A thin layer of dust can gather in parts of your home which are far from your construction side. Hopefully, there are a few ways to control the dust. Try to close off the construction area from the rest of your house, if you can. You can use compression-fit temporary wall for that purpose. Another way to deal with the dust is running air filter systems called handlers. They pull the dust from the air on the non-construction side of the house. Try to heat the house without your furnace if that is possible, or fully block the cold-air and warm-air returns in the construction side. If you skip that part, you will just be pulling dust from that section of your house into the part where you’re actually living.

9. Noise

You may feel like the noise will never stop. Sounds of whining saws, scratching sanders, nail guns gently followed by bellowing compressors. You will have to find another place to nap and forget for working from home unless your home office is far away from the construction area. If you think it couldn’t be that bad, try visiting a friend’s home under construction.

8. Sigh after sigh

Sighs can be provoked by something you just want to be done on time, or just because you are tired of writing so many checks for so many services. Or you may be pissed of having so many people working in your house. Keep calm and think of the time when you will move back into your newly remodelled space. Sigh!

7. Prepare for the unexpected

It is good to prepare yourself and train your mind to expect future problems with the remodelling. It can be irregular framing, jerry-rigged wiring or even asbestos. Many unexpected surprises are waiting to show. When facing them you won’t be laughing, neither will your contractor. Bear this in mind.

6. Money concerns

Even if your project is going right on budget, the big amount of cash you are spending may cause partial or a full freak-out. If you are used to writing checks with four digits, during large remodelling you can easily be writing ones with one or two more zeros. If costs are increasing, probably so is your anxiety. Having cash on hand which is a minimum of 10 percent above contract is a good idea. This will reduce the stress, having 20 percent will definitely make you worry less.

Something unexpected will surely come up when you start doing your remodelling project. But you can surely expect the second part of 10 Things To Expect While Remodelling Your Home soon with five more things to be aware of.

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